SimuLabs Copter Wizard: Automation, integration and coupling of UAVs calculation workflows using ANSYS ACT
Программные продукты: ANSYS ACT, ANSYS EKM, ANSYS CFD, ANSYS Mechanical
Отрасли: Aviation, Aerospace, UAV, Military

Nowadays, simulation technologies plays a fundamental role in the development of the civil and military UAVs in areas such as aerodynamics, structural performance and electronic systems. Furthermore, depending on the UAV type (Multirotor, Helicopter-like and etc.) various calculation approaches can be used during UAV designing process.

ANSYS can be considered as convenient platform with coupled multidisciplinary modules performing calculations of various UAV components and tasks such as wing flutter simulation, EMC analysis, and thermal analysis.

The good news is that tools like the ANSYS ACT and ANSYS EKM can be used to automate such high-complexity and routine calculations. So we decided to use ANSYS ACT as the basic tool to create a customized simulation environment for UAV calculation.

We accumulated all the workflows, physics, low fidelity calculations, CAE simulations, and system modeling in a ‘single window’ system – customized Copter Wizard.


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Ключевые слова: Aerodynamics, Copter design
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